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Introduction to HurleyIR

Good day to you! My name is Ben Love, and on behalf of everyone here at HurleyIR, I’d like to thank you for taking time out of your day to read our blog – INFOred! Our goal is to create a space, through the implementation of INFOred, which will serve as a platform for us to further develop relations with current customers as well as establishing relationships with new potential customers by continually providing updated information that is pertinent to HurleyIR and our customers. We settled on INFOred as the title of our blog by combining infrared and information, because we intend to provide information on all things HurleyIR, and therefore all things infrared. Our blog, INFOred, will follow a three tier format. Readers should expect to see: posts relating to our Services department, marketing and sales related entries as well as posts geared towards educating readers about the varying uses of infrared technology.

Making up our first tier, blog entries relating to our services department will cover a variety of topics relating to infrared inspections performed in the field. The posts will be written from the perspective of our technicians, who are the ones actually performing the services in the field. “The field” is a broad term that we use at HurleyIR in order to describe any work that is not being done in our custom engineering/manufacturing facility, or – as we refer to it – the warehouse. Readers can expect to see entries describing services from both broad and specific spectrums. An example of a post in the broad spectrum would be a post explaining the need for energy scans and the benefits customers receive by contracting a building/energy scan. An example of a post in the specific spectrum would be a post geared towards interpreting an anomaly, found while conducting a building/energy scan, and the possible explanations for why such an anomaly may have occurred. HurleyIR provides infrared inspection services for a variety of situations including, but not limited to: Roof, Energy Loss/Building, Low, High & Stray Voltage, Substation, ground-based Distribution, aerial Transmission, Steam Line leak detection, and Gas Detection.

Entries will also be made on INFOred describing challenges, learning experiences, and good old-fashioned stories as they relate to Marketing and Sales. Ranging from the promotion of products to news articles mentioning HurleyIR to a report from one of our International Sales Reps about a recent sale, all marketing and sales entries will be generated through real-life experience. Customer relations will be a big part of this tier of the blog, which will describe interactions with international and domestic customers with a wide range of missions specific to the customers. After reading these types of blog entries, readers should be able to fully grasp the scope of HurleyIR and our ability to engineer customized units that accomplish and exceed missions that are unique to each customer.

The final tier of INFOred is really our inspiration behind the name of our blog. HurleyIR will use these types of blogs to help customers better understand infrared technology by providing readers with information pertinent to infrared, from its most basic uses to more complex uses. Some examples of these types of blogs will include methodologies and instruments used in order to access and fully experience the infrared spectrum. Other posts will include information on infrared in the news, both internationally and here in the States. After reading blog entries of the third tier, readers should be able to describe infrared, its plethora of uses and its benefits.

I hope this helps you gain a better understanding of HurleyIR and the reasoning behind the creation of INFOred, our brand new blog. We look forward to generating posts that are fun to read by providing readers with intriguing and informative stories and accounts of personal experience, in an informal style of writing. Please remember, you’re always welcome to (and encouraged to) interact with us on our blog through comments and questions. On behalf of all of HurleyIR, we look forward to sharing our thoughts and stories with you in the future! Thanks for your time… we’ll see ya soon!