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Introducing John Clayton

Howdy, y’all! My name is John Clayton and I’m currently managing the International Sales & Services division at HurleyIR as well as our Aerial Transmission Services department. I really enjoy working at HurleyIR, because of the vast variety of work I find myself doing. From installing cameras on international military bases to scanning transmission power lines in a helicopter, every day at HurleyIR brings a new adventure. I’ve been here since I graduated from college and I can’t see myself doing anything else – I LOVE MY JOB!

Just recently, HurleyIR planned and executed a successful international training trip to Jordan. (Jordan is in the Middle East and borders Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Syria.) It was my second trip to the Middle East, so I was expecting extreme heat, but the conditions were even harsher than I remember as the temperatures reached upwards of 45° C (which is 110°F). Performance of HurleyIR’s infrared camera systems proved flawless; in fact, all systems thrived in such harsh conditions. HurleyIR prides itself as being the custom engineering firm that produced the highest rated infrared camera systems in the world. The A10G (MIL-STD) stamp of approval given to HurleyIR’s IR cam systems legitimately certifies our custom engineering capabilities as well as our performance in the field. This has lead to international success and increased global demand.

HurleyIR Aerial Services is off to a sizzling start as this summer comes to an end! The majority of our aerial work is performed in a helicopter, using our own Infrared Gimbal Camera systems in order to find anomalies, or hot spots, in overhead Transmission power lines. In recent weeks our technicians have been working closely with various utility companies, patrolling the power-line grid in areas such as Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and Northern Illinois. HurleyIR has been flying high and finding lots of anomalies which are not limited to just thermal hotspots! With the recent release of our Falcon Spectral III gimbal, we now are able to find and track corona discrepancies using the ultraviolet spectrum! This is yet another scientific approach we have taken to ensure our customers are able to detect all problems within the visual, infrared, and ultraviolet spectrums.

Well, I better get back to business… I have another big international trip that will hopefully generate new orders for our engineers to manufacture in our warehouse! I’ll be sure to tell you all about it when I get back!

Thanks for your time – have a great week!