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End of the Year Post from John Clayton

Howdy y’all,


With the New Year fast approaching I thought I’d take a breather and engage everyone on what’s been happening in the HurleyIR world.

The indomitable Buddy Miles once said, “Well, my mind is goin’ through them changes” and this holds no different for HurleyIR. This past year has brought forth many positive changes.

For starters the creation of several innovative products like Hurley’s Falcon Multi-Spectral Gimbal Series, Watchscout Surveillance Vans, and Cubed Cyclops have not only validated HurleyIR’s customized credibility, but has also propelled our products into the ever-fluctuating technological world. The Falcon Multi-spectral, in particular, has been a breakthrough not only as a production piece of equipment, but also as an aerial servicing camera. Spectrums of infrared, ultraviolet, and HD video were integrated into this lightweight, 360° continuous, gyro stabilized unit. The Falcon prototype has flown tens of thousands of circuit miles this year, and has discovered numerous IR and Corona faults up and down the Eastern seaboard. Speaking of services, HurleyIR saw its most productive year scanning.  Multiple HurleyIR crews maintained and conducted thermal throughout the United States. HurleyIR technicians comprehensively scanned whether it was in the sky or on the ground for thousands of utility lines, and next year should see more of the same.

Internationally, the HurleyIR Watchscout Survillance Van has proved to be a huge success. This all-in-one mobile surveillance system has revolutionized the way one can monitor and survey precious points of interest for long periods of time. All vans come standard with a multi-self-sustaining method of providing power for cameras, mast, monitor station, and wireless communications. Several Watchscout’s were deployed overseas this summer and have continued to withstand austere conditions, while providing system sustainment, perimeter protection, and safer borders. A trailer system utilizing similar concepts to the Watchscout is being constructed and marketing is currently underway with many interested prospects.

In house at Hurley headquarters, day-to-day build and repairs of cameras continue to be a staple of the diversification and prowess we display in the thermal industry. HurleyIR has always prided itself in creating cost effective alternative solutions to camera sales and repairs. This year held no different as HurleyIR tables were always lined displaying cameras in all different shapes and sizes.

Lastly, the revamped HurleyIR website dropped this summer and has created numerous leads and curiosity. Most of you reading this are already on the website so please feel free to check out some of the new products and don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions. We at HurleyIR hope you have the Happiest of Holidays and a great New Year.  See you in 2016!


All the Best,

John Henry