America's Leader in the Use Of Infrared Technology

About Hurley IR

High Quality Thermal Imaging Solutions

HurleyIR is a value-added engineering and manufacturing company dedicated to producing the highest quality thermal imaging solutions at the lowest cost of ownership.


With over 30 years of experience, HurleyIR has developed a design methodology for thermal imaging solutions that allows for custom configuration to meet spectral needs and control formats.

Our thermal camera systems have been tested under the harshest conditions and boast a failure rate of less than 1% in the field. All our products exceed military specifications for environmental and operational integrity.

HurleyIR protects and supports all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces in the most difficult and dangerous circumstances. Off the battlefield, our products and services have empowered and supported security forces and businesses, helping them to see more.


We provide comprehensive, non-destructive thermographic testing services to help businesses and governments inspect and accurately evaluate the operational efficiency of valuable infrastructure, such as gas lines, electrical transmission lines, buildings, and much more.

We also provide world-class training programs and certification in both ground-based and aerial thermography.

Our Story

Established in 1986, HurleyIR is a small, woman owned business.

Whether our imagers are being used to protect sensitive installations at home or abroad, domestic infrastructure, or our country’s most valuable assets, the armed forces, Hurley IR, strives to meet each objective and to use the lessons learned to advance our products to the next level.