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HurleyIR FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a thermal imager and how does it work?
Is a thermal imager and F.L.I.R. (Forward Looking InfraRed) the same thing?
Why is it that I can see in total darkness with a thermal imager and not with any other imaging device?
Does a thermal imager work like a video camera?
How is thermal imaging and night vision different?
How do thermal imagers see through smoke, dust, fog, blowing sand, rain and snow?
Do thermal imagers actively emit any thing or are they totally passive?
What is the difference between an IR emitter camera and a thermal imager?
What is the difference between cooled and uncooled thermal imagers?
What is the difference between a microbolometer and a ferroelectric array?
Why should I be concerned about the number of pixels on a detector?
Do thermal imagers see through objects?
What are germanium optics?
Can I hide from a thermal imager with camouflage clothing?
Why do thermal imagers pick up reflections in water?
What is MIL-STD 810F?

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